Petunjuk Bot Visualkore

Hmm Mudah na . ..

Yes, we’ve received overwhelming positive feedback about the graphical user interface! For example, this user told us:

We have an active user community which provides ready-to-use configurations for most classes. Do you have a Knight? Copy & the configuration for knights from the website! Do you have a Rouge? No problem, idem dito. Getting your bot up and running is very, very easy.

Here are some screenshots which show you that VisualKore is just an easy point-and-click program:



Easily manage multiple bots or accounts, with profiles. Here I have two profiles, for two different servers, namely mRO (Malaysian server) and bRO (Brazillian server).

Login dialog


The simple and intuitive login dialog allows you to login within seconds. You can select your server from a list, so you do not have to search the Internet for server login details.

Main window


The main window shows you what the bot is doing at the moment.

  1. The menu allows you to control the bot, with the easy of a few mouse clicks.
  2. The object list shows you which player, monsters and/or items are currently on screen. They are easily distinguisable through the use of colors.
  3. In the command box, you can get access to advanced features by entering commands.
  4. You can switch between command mode and chat mode. In chat mode, you can enter chat text, just as if you’re using the real Ragnarok Online™ client.

Integrated map viewer

Quickly see where you are, using the integrated map viewer. You can click on a spot on the map, and the bot will walk there! The destination is shown as a pink dot. Monsters are shown as red dots, and players are shown as green dots. You can also dock this map viewer into the main window, if you don’t like seperate windows

Chat Watcher


A chat watcher program is included. It warns you whenever someone sends you a private message, or accuses you of being a bot. This way, you can respond to them.



Easily configure your bot with the Settings dialog.


Storing and selling items


Remember that I told you you can configure the bot to automatically put items in storage when its overweight, and then automatically resume killing monsters? This is where you configure which items are put into storage. You can also choose to sell an item instead of putting it in storage.
The integrated Kapra selector allows you to select a Kapra quickly and easily.


Hmm . . . Nge Bot semudah membalikan telapak tangan bukan????
Anda Ga usah Repot2 Yang namanya Nongkrong depan Kompi
Lo tinggal nyalain . . . Cepret cepret langsung dah Level Lo naik sendiri
Lo PvP kalah terus?? Karna Level anda ga Mendukung?? Dengan Bot
Lo bakal dewa di PvP . . Trus bisa jual Zeny . Enak ga tuh???
tajir dah lo . . . Salam


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